About Us

Forever Me offers every woman who has under gone breast cancer

treatment a variety of products and services that will help them get

through the difficult transition of the post-surgical experience.

During this process, our intent is to improve the patient's self image and in doing so help restore the confidence they had prior to their illness.

Our staff is compassionate about what we do, and how our customers feel.  Because your privacy is important to us when shopping,   each fitting is conducted in a private one-on-one setting by a Certified Fitter.

Forever Me works closely with your physician to ensure that your post-operative needs are met.  Once you are scheduled for surgery, we like for you to set an appointment for a free consultation.  Seeing the products that are available to you makes recovery a little easier.  Most mastectomy products are covered by health insurance.

We carry a full line of products by leading manufacturers.  Whether it's just a simple bra or headwear to a custom fit prosthetic we are here to help and happy to do so.