Compression Garments

Compression Garmets

At Forever Me we carry the world’s leading compression product brands — Jobst, Juzo, Mediven, LympheDiva and LymphaDudes — and even some smaller manufacturers who make medically correct garments. All of our fitters are professionals who have been trained and certified and some have been selling compression garments. When you walk into the Forever Me, we take your measurements and ask a few simple questions.  

Questions such as:

1. What compression level do you need? (This can usually be found on your prescription).

2. Do you have a brand preference?

3. Do you need knee highs, thigh highs, pantyhose or a lymphedema arm sleeve?

4. What fabrics or fibers do you prefer?

5. If you select a sock option, what color would you like?

Sometimes traditional compression stockings don’t work for everyone.  Individuals with limited hand strength, nonstandard limb shapes, fragile skin, or significant fluctuations in swelling often have difficulty donning a regular compression stocking. For these patients we measure and fit with Solaris ReadyWraps or FarrowWraps.  These garments work extremely well for patients with chronic and acute edema, CVI, primary and secondary lymphedema, and wound care.

If an arm or a leg is too large or too small for a regular off-the-shelf compression garment, we measure and fit custom compression garments. We also do custom fitting for burn patients.

Lymphedema Products

Our certified compression garment fitters will meet with you at your convenience and will work with your ordering physician to ensure you receive the correct garment with a proper fit. Here are some of the products that we provide:

Compression stockings

Support stockings

Jobst, Juzo, Medi lymphedema garments

Armsleeves, gloves and gauntlets

Nightwear garments

Burn garments

Farrow Wraps

Solaris Ready Wraps

Compression bras

Custom Jobst/Juzo garments

Donning aids