Timeline of Needs after Surgery

Immediate After Surgery or During Treatment

Post-surgical garments are extra soft and smooth for your comfort to support you during the healing process. Front closure garments provide comfortable access during radiation or chemotherapy 

Six Weeks After Surgery and Beyond....

 Our bras fit seamlessly into your lifestyle—everything from comfortable seamless styles to stylish, feminine bras in luxurious fabrics and finishes. 

Forever Me offers you comfortable, fashionable products for every moment of your day and for any activity, and all feature pocketed shelf bras that hold a breast form or partial shaper securely in place. 

After Reconstruction Surgery

 After reconstruction, a compression garment may help with the healing process by reducing swelling and keeping implants or expanders in place. 

Immediate After Surgery or During Treatment Forms

Priforms or foam leisure forms give you symmetry right from the beginning to help you feel more confident about your appearance or During Treatment

Six Weeks After Surgery and Beyond Forms

Breast forms are a non-surgical option to restore your silhouette. You'll find that they are designed to look, feel, and move very naturally to help renew your body image. 

During Reconstruction

 The specially designed Amoena PurFit helps give you shape and symmetry during the expansion process to even out your silhouette.